OMG!!! I Have Preferences!!! When you are a baby trans girl like me, you idealize the feminine life!!! And when you finally begin to transition, to make changes to look more like what you see in your heart, you realize something — you get to make choices!!!

You Get To Make Choices…

How did I find out? I was looking at my toes while I was changing into jammies (no peeking!) and remembered I needed to paint the nails. I love lavender but when I tried it on my nails I didn’t like the look, it didn’t feel right. But I was looking forward to a metallic violet I found. And then it hit me — I have preferences! I like…


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Jenny Starr✨

A transgender woman (she/they) learning her way in this beautiful life…queer, curious, thoughtful. I write poetry, LGBTQ and whatever else. Come away with me!