Welcome To My Life

A brief introduction to me…

Photo by Harry Quan on Unsplash

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess, who lived in a palace, far above the world. Everything she touched rejoiced at her attention, for she was beautiful both inside and out, and her kindness was known throughout her queendom, as was her wisdom. But when she looked to the world she saw beauty mixed with pain, joy with suffering, and kindness with cruelty, and she wondered at it. “They are afraid, because they have lost something they cannot find,” she mused, “because they look outside themselves, following rainbows whose treasure cannot be held, cannot be touched, cannot be known.”

My name is Jenny, but it is not my only name. I have been labeled before, the first in this life by my biological parents, who assumed that the baby boy they held was indeed, all that she appeared to be. But she had secrets, some that have only recently come to light, and others that are hidden still. But I can tell you some of what I know already: I am a transgender woman who is on a road to discover myself and the place I fit in this world. I have a lot to learn and a lot to unlearn. I have strong opinions, and a hard time asking for help, I have a dry wit, use sarcasm as a shield, have bad hair days (finally!) and am learning how to put my self “out there”… So if any of that sounds intriguing, keep reading.

Oh, and that rainbow I was chasing? It turns out the pot of gold was right here the whole time, inside of me…



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Jenny Starr✨

Jenny Starr✨

A transgender woman (she/they) learning her way in this beautiful life…queer, curious, thoughtful. I write poetry, LGBTQ and whatever else. Come away with me!